Sky Sports Golf TV coverage for The Masters includes Zen Green Stage

The Zen Green Stage creates real-world slopes and is one of the keys to Sky Sports' daily coverage of The Masters this week.

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Thu, 12 Nov 2020
Sky Sports Golf TV coverage for The Masters includes Zen Green Stage

The adjustable Zen Green Stage playing surface, which recreates real-world slopes from the golf course, is one of the tools being used by the Sky Sports Golf presenting team during TV coverage this week, and on all the big tournaments going forward.

Zen has produced a specially-customised 16x8 foot model of the new 2021-model Green Stage, embedded in the Sky Sports studio floor to create a seamless-looking hitting and putting surface.

Presenters including Nick Dougherty and Sarah Stirk plus various studio guests will be using the Green Stage’s ability to recreate a variety of real-world slopes to demonstrate both key putts and important full-swing shots, as the action unfolds this week from Europe’s leading sports broadcaster.

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“The Zen Green is a great way of demonstrating the putting challenges which face professional golfers” said Jason Wessely, Executive Producer, Sky Sports Golf. “Our presenters can really show how speed and slope affect putting and can also explain the different swing techniques and what the average golfer should emulate or avoid. It’s a brilliant TV tool.”

“Golf is heading for a major renaissance” said Zen Green Stage’s Nick Middleton. “The creative team at Sky Sports are set to inspire an audience eager to embrace golf’s new technological landscape.”

Features of the 2021 Zen Green Stage include a new interactive control system which enables program directors to operate the Stage remotely from the vision mixing gallery.

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There’s also a battery of interchangeable Strike Mats which enable presenters to replicate shots from different course conditions.

The Strike Mats also enable presenters to hit a variety of full-swing shots from adjustable sloping lies, and of course the 2021 Zen Green Stage offers copious opportunities to hit a wide range of sloping putts, including double-breakers.

Also new this week are customised Zen Eye augmented-reality graphics, beamed simultaneously onto the Stage while also being superimposed into the live broadcast to highlight the challenging contours which Tour golfers regularly face.

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The 2021 Zen Green Stage retails from £20,950.

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