2021 British Speedgolf Championships set to return in September

The British Speedgolf Championships could not be held in 2020 but the event is set to return this year near Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

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Fri, 30 Apr 2021

2021 British Speedgolf Championships set to return in September

The 2021 British Speedgolf Championships are set to return in September at The Springs Golf Course in Oxfordshire, after the event couldn't be held in 2020.

For the first time since the tournament's inception in 2014, the event will be held over 36 holes on the 19th and 20th of September at a venue that was enlisted as a finalist for the 2021 Environment Course of the Year.

Darwin Escapes, which provide luxurious holiday resorts in the UK, have heavily invested in The Springs near Wallingford to enhance the club's facilities whilst optimising its environmental course credentials.

The re-development programme at the site will produce a new clubhouse and swing studio which open soon, with a luxury spa and new accommodation coming later in 2021.

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Speedgolf is a unique form of the sport that combines the number of shots with the time it takes to complete the round for a final Speedgolf score.

Accuracy is as important as pace, but finding the optimum pace to maximise golf performance is the challenge and as with any great golf tournament, consistency is key.

Scorers in golf buggies will track the limited field of Speedgolfers as they complete their round, jogging between holes and saving time by eliminating practice swings and other rituals associated with the regular game.

Speedgolfers can only carry up to seven clubs in their bag, but this means they have to be more creative with their shots.



"Speedgolf continues to evolve but retains the camaraderie of a grassroots niche sport," said Pam Painter from British Speedgolf.

"We hope that the move to a 36-hole event this year will establish the championship as a must-play tournament whilst proving to others just what is possible if you pick up the pace."

The last tournament was in 2019 and New Zealand’s Jamie Reid took the title. He shot 81 in a blistering 40 minutes and 57 seconds at Foxhills in Surrey, giving him a Speedgolf Score of 121:57.