Bryson DeChambeau makes statement regarding his pace of play

Bryson DeChambeau has made a statement following the recent comments he has received regarding his pace of play.

Bryson DeChambeau makes statement regarding his pace of play
Bryson DeChambeau makes statement regarding his pace of play

Bryson DeChambeau recently said that he feels "attacked" following the recent onslaught of comments he has had thrown towards him regarding his slow play at The Northern Trust at Liberty National last week. Slow play has been the topic of debate as of late, with multiple players, commentators and fans saying that something must be done to improve pace of play on the Tour.

At The Northern Trust, videos emerged on social media of Bryson DeChambeau taking nearly three minutest o hit a 70 yard pitch shot and then a similar time over a ten-foot putt, which he went on to miss.

Bryson DeChambeau makes statement regarding his pace of play

Once the videos went viral, thousands of fans were calling for the governing bodies of golf to do something about slow play, saying that it is killing the game of golf.

Professional golfers got involved too, with Eddie Pepperell labelling DeChambeau as a "single-minded twit" but has since apologised for his comments, saying that making it personal was unnecessary.

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It was also reported that DeChambeau approached Brooks Koepka's caddie and passed on the message to let Koepka know that if he wants to make any comments about DeChambeau's pace of play then he should "say it to my face."

Koepka accepted the opportunity and the two had a discussion before their final rounds on Sunday. Both players have said there is no tension between the two and that the talk was beneficial for both parties.

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Following The Northern Trust and the negative comments about his slow play, DeChambeau defended himself to the media by saying that he isn't the only player taking time over shots and that there lies a deeper problem with how slow players are taking to get to their ball. The 25 year old said that when he hits the ball further than his playing partner, he can't get his numbers until they've approached their ball and hit their shot as he doesn't want to get in their line of sight.

It seems after taking some time to review the comments and his own game, DeChambeau has slightly backtracked on his words and has made a statement regarding his pace of play, where he has promised to "do my very best to improve my pace."

Full statement below:

Slow play affects the quality of the game for both players and our fans and I’ve always had the utmost respect for my playing partners, including JT and Tommy. I’m constantly trying to improve and I will do my very best to improve my pace. Golf is my passion and livelihood. It’s my responsibility to help improve the game to be more enjoyable for all. Pace of play has been an issue for golf at all levels for a long time, and I’m committed to being a part of the solution, not the problem. I want to be a good representative of the game and the PGA Tour and I'm looking forward to working with the TOUR and fellow players to find a solution to slow play.

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