Adams introduces new Combo sets

The new Idea a2 and Idea a2 oversize sets are aimed at the improving golfer

Adams introduces new Combo sets
The Adams Idea a2 oversize set

Adams equipment has always been among the most innnovative since its founder Barney Adams introduced the inverted, oblong-shaped heads of the Tight Lies models.

The fore-runners of the 7- and 9-woods, which helped turn the tide in favour of today’s easy-to-hit utility clubs,

Adams Golf has moved on considerably to introduce a range of irons and hybrids.

Already regarded as the No.1 selling club among US off-course golf shops, the latest to be introduced to the UK market are the Adams Idea a2 and a2 Over Size irons – combination sets of irons and rescue-style clubs.

"The success of these irons is something we are very proud of," says Chip Brewer, head of Adams Golf in the US. "Weekend golfers and Tour Pros are choosing our products and we are delighted to be leading the pack in what we see as the future of iron set design."

Adams a2 Idea iron

The a2 model claims to gain extra distance and accuracy for golfers of all levels

"Hybrid sets deliver easier-to-hit long irons for all golfers, and easier-to-hit mid-irons for the majority," explains Adams’ UK distributor, Phil Aitken of
Jaxx Golf, in Failsworth, Manchester. "All high handicappers and slow swingers will benefit, as will anyone who struggles with consistency using their long irons."

In the a2 set the 3- and 4-irons are replaced by utility clubs, while the 5-, 6- and 7- irons feature over-size, hollowed wood technology but looking like irons. The 8-, 9- and pitching wedge are traditional cavity back clubs.

There are also senior and women’s options, while the a2 OS version, also available for women and seniors, is aimed at maximum game improvement. These offer four hybrids (two of which are iron-like hybrids) with the centre of gravity changing from club to club to give different launch angles.

The a2 hybrids feature a slimmer design and a low centre of gravity for a high launch and low spin. The a2 OS hybrid clubheads are bigger, shaped for maximum confidence and forgiveness.

Fitted with Aldila or Grafalloy shafts, each set of eight clubs retails at £399.

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