Cobra's Aussie angle

New putters named after Oz cities set to be launched in January...

Cobra's Aussie angle
Cobra's Aussie angle
Cobra Adelaide

Quite why Cobra has chosen its 30th anniversary to name a new range of putters after Australian cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville and Perth - is a bit of a mystery.

In the light of England’s Rugby World Cup victory over the Aussies, surely Bath, Leicester, Northampton, Sale and Twickenham might have been a better choice, for putters being launch in the UK in January.

Perhaps it’s merely a tenuous link with Greg Norman, who once owned the brand.

This Cobra Aussie Series of putters are designed with a 17-4 steel body and a milled 6061 alloy insert for, what the makers describe as ‘a soft, yet solid feel at impact.’

Cobra adds : "A low centre of gravity promotes a consistent, true roll on the golf ball, while heel-toe weighting generates greater accuracy, feedback and distance control, together with a 45-durometer grip for better feel.

Cobra's Aussie angle
Cobra Melbourne II.

The putters feature classic shapes and clean lines and a black nickel finish to reduce glare. Models include Melbourne I, Melbourne II, Sydney I, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Perth I and Perth II in 34 and 35 inch lengths. The Melbourne II and Perth II and are also available in left hand and Ladies (33 -inch) models.

All but the Townsville (semi-mallet) and Perth I and II (face-balanced half mallets) are heel-toe weighted blades. Recommended price is set at £79.

For your nearest stockist call 01480 301114.

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