FootJoy's new microsite helping golfers find correct glove size

New website is created as brand estimates more than 50 per cent of players are using wrong size glove

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Tue, 9 Sep 2014
FootJoy's new microsite helping golfers find correct glove size

FOOTJOY has launched a new microsite to teach golfers about the importance of finding a golf glove that fits and how this can enhance performance. incorporates instructional and experiential content, outlining the five most important aspects pertaining to a glove’s performance: Equipment, Grip, Fit, Durability and Care.

According to FootJoy Ambassador and World No.2 Adam Scott, finding the best golf glove for you is crucial.

Scott said: “All of the feel in your golf game comes through your hands. It is so important that I have good feel through my glove, as my hands are connected to the club, which is doing all of the work.”

FootJoy estimates that more than 50 per cent of players are wearing the wrong-sized glove, often dismissing the glove’s importance as a piece of equipment and the associated benefits wearing the perfect glove can bring.

A properly-fitted glove can improve a player’s performance and provide valuable insight into the adjustments required in their grip and hand positioning. This information is readily available for consumers on

There is also guidance on what your glove says about your swing (relating to the most obvious areas of wear) and when to change gloves.

“The make and fit of a golf glove can affect a player’s swing more than most realise,” said Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing, FootJoy Gloves and Accessories.  “At FootJoy we’re dedicated to making the best golf gloves in the world.

“The care we take in their creation reflects a long-held philosophy that the right glove can mean as much to your game as the right ball or right club. The glove is not just an accessory but an essential part of every player’s game.”

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