John Letters wedges unveiled

TP Series at

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Mon, 26 Apr 2010

John Letters of Scotland, the equipment brand with 92 years of clubmaking history, has unveiled a new range of wedges. Forged from 304 stainless steel, these TP (Tour Preferred) wedges claim to offer a super-soft feel for ultimate in greenside control, costing £59.99.

Designed with feedback from Tour pros, the wedges feature a CNC milled face with aggressive cut grooves to deliver precise and consistent spin and feel. they have a classical shape and a chrome finish to appeal to golfers of all abilities.

The bulk of the head-weight  has been crafted towards the dual-bounce sole of the club for a high launch angle, when the face is laid open in bunkers and low bounce when the face is laid square and needing spin off turf.

The TP wedges are available in 52-, 56- and 60 degree loft options and fitted with a Royal Precision Rifle steel shafts and a mid size Lamkin Crossline grip.