Padraig's Torpedo putter

Irishman's innovative new shaft, Campbell's clothing, Callaway waterproofs...

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Wed, 30 May 2007
Padraig's Torpedo putter

Harrington's torpedo putter shaft

Padraig Harrington has been testing a new brass-weighted Torpedo shaft to his putter, which proved hugely successful in his capture of the Irish Open title at Adare Manor and could soon be available for club golfers.

A collaboration between Harrington, Torpedo Golf and bio-mechanics specialist Dr Paul Hurrion at the Quintic Consultancy, the unusual shaft, which has a lozenge-shaped brass mass screwed to the shaft just below the grip, made its debut in the PGA Tour 2007 Wachovia Championship, where Harrington took the first round lead with just 24 putts.

The material is positioned so that it alters the putter’s centre of gravity to increase the sweet spot on the putter face, but differs from conventional wisdom by freeing the face from adjustment. Described by the inventor Tim Winey as a ‘floating fulcrum’, it virtually tricks the golfer’s muscular system into improving the swing path while delivering better distance control.

The feel of the weight encourages the hands to be much more passive during the stroke, says Harrington. The sensation is having to swing the grip, allowing the putter to 'do the work' while reducing over-active hands during the putting stroke - a tendency when under pressure.

“The torpedo was born out of years of bio-mechanics research and coaching into the putting stroke, " says Dr Hurrion. "Trying to keep the face square at impact is vital for successful putting.”

“The key to Torpedo is the rhythm that it helps create during the stroke. We work very hard on this with the players, along with pace control, ball roll and quality of strike. This applies to short, medium and long putts, it helps eliminate wrist action during the putt,” Says Dr Hurrion who believes it will redefine putting.

Campbell models new shirt
Callaway weather gear
Callaway's new waterproof

New Zealand's former US Open champion Michael Campbell will launch his new clothing range at The Wales Open this week featuring authentic Maori designs symbolising a powerful mythological story from which Campbell draws inspiration. The Michael Campbell Collection has been created by Canterbury of New Zealand.

Callaway Collection is launching a Gore-TEX waterproof range. The Men's Paclite full-zip shell jacket has welded pockets, part elasticated cuffs, concealed hood in collar and reinforced shoulders for bag-carriers. The suit with Trousers will cost £349.99 in distinctive black, white and fusion orange. Other suits will also be available in the range with from £249.99.

Carnoustie Hotel pro shop is launching a small selection of Carnoustie Open Championship branded products including men's and women's sweaters (from £45), polo shirts (£25), caps (£15) , weather tops (£57) and accessories including ball markers, pitchmark repairers and flags.