PowaKaddy's Touch of class

Sophisticated new trolley revealed

PowaKaddy's Touch of class

PowaKaddy is set to launch its innovative Powakaddy Touch electric trolley in July, with its main feature, a responsive handle which automatically changes the pace of the trolley when you change yours.
We asked PowaKaddy chief executive Terry Hale to tell us more about the trolley and the development issues behind it

Powered trolleys are becoming more sophisticated, it seems, every month. What sets the PowaKaddy Touch apart?

The “Touch N Go” technology is very sophisticated and innovative in the golf trolley market. It’s our key USP (unique selling point/proposition) because of its simple intuitive nature and response. Turn on the power supply and the golfer simply places his or her hand on the handle and the trolley adjusts its pace to meet theirs. This works on all terrains, including up hills.

From where was the Touch facility developed?

The trolley, including the patented Touch 'N-Go handle technology were designed by the PowaKaddy design and engineering team in close association with our suppliers.

What happens when you take your hand off the handle when the trolley is moving?

The trolley continues to move at your walking speed until you make the next handle adjustment to speed up, slow down or stop.

What is the trolley powered by?

A powerful but quiet 200W motor

What are the battery options?

It's powered by a lightweight 20AH battery

Is the connection universal so other batteries can also be used with it?

The connection is a standard Torberry connector

How many rounds or holes will it do on one charge?

It will comfortably do 18 holes on one charge.

Does it comes with a charger?


What are the remote control functions?

There are no remote control functions

How much does it weigh?

Approx 9.5kg without battery and approximately 16kg with its lightweight 20AH battery.

To what size will it fold and to fit into a car boot?

It folds very quickly and easily to 350mm x 889mm x 583mm so it should fit into any family car boot.

Where is it being sold and where can I find my local dealer?

Golfers should find the PowaKaddy Touch in all good golf retail outlets from July 2010. We have stockists all ,over the UK and europe. To find you nearest, visit www.powakaddy.co.uk.

Where does the PowaKaddy Touch fit in the competitive powered trolley market?

It retails for £399 and is positioned firmly in the high volume mid-price sector.

How long does the warranty last?

All PowaKaddy electric trolleys come with a two year warranty. The 20AH battery has a one-year warranty

Tell me about the after sales service?

During the guarantee period all breakdowns due to faulty workmanship or materials are repaired entirely free of charge by one of our approved UK service agents. Throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, PowaKaddy has a nationwide network of agents on hand should you have any problems or simply need advice.

I've heard tales of runaway trolleys left on the crest of a hill, does it have a braking system or brakes option?

As with most mid-sector-priced powered golf trolleys, there is no brake functionality at present but we’re considering this as part of our ongoing product development programme.

Will it tell me when the battery is getting low?

To ensure that you get the most out of your battery you must fully charge your battery for at least 12 hours before use.

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