Secrets of clubface speed

Maxfli claims extra distance with its SpeedMAX ball, available before Christmas.

Secrets of clubface speed
Secrets of clubface speed
SpeedMAX cut-away shows the crucial mantle and core

Maxfli reckons it has uncovered the secrets of legal extra distance for its balls, combined with controlling spin and encouraging feel.

The Basingstoke-based company believes its three-piece SpeedMAX ball will help players of all abilities – even those with below-average swing speeds - to reap outstanding benefits in yardage while creating more control with their short irons.

Maxfli says its ball (with a recommended price of £22 per dozen) incorporates ‘four critical elements that work together to fuel exceptional performance’ - cover, SpeedMantle, core and 442-dimple pattern'.

Crucial is a thin layer (the mantle) sandwiched between the cover and the core made of HPF 1000, a material created by DuPont that is soft yet resilient, and which Maxfli claims, increases the speed at which the ball leaves the clubface, though within the legal R&A limits.

"The SpeedMantle also helps to minimise spin off the driver while optimizing distance and contributing to soft feel and increased backspin with the short irons.

Secrets of clubface speed
£22 per dozen

Its engineers claim that when a wedge’s angled clubface strikes a ball, rotational energy is created, grabbing the cover and pulling the mantle with it. In turn the mantle pulls the core, which adds rotation and increases spin.

To further improve performance, Maxfli says it introduced a thin, copolymer-blended Surlyn cover, that is both resilient and has a soft feel.

SpeedMAX balls are expected to be available in retail shops in time for Christmas.

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