Style and innovation from Black Widow

Golfmagic Equipment
Fri, 11 Mar 2011

Softspikes has launched of a new range of Black Widow grips, featuring six eye-catching models includinga new full-chord Torque grip.

All feature distinctive markings, including the iconic spider or spider's web motif, maximising the surface area for finger tip, joint and hand contact points.

This designs, claim the makers, also create more friction with less grip pressure required, resulting in a more natural grip with less tension - so faster swing speeds and more distance!

The Black Widow range includes:

Torque: A new full-cord grip that features a bolder look along with Web Traction Technology for maximum traction in all weather conditions and the highest torque resistance for high swing speeds.

Fusion II: Updated for 2011 it offers all the benefits of corded traction without the harshness of cord for greater control.

Signature II: Updated with moisture management applications to ensure the versatile grip offers unrivalled performance, feedback and feel.

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