Book: Politically Incorrect Golf Shots

Win a copy of the hilarious new book from Summersdale

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Fri, 4 Mar 2011
Book: Politically Incorrect Golf Shots

I was first acquainted with politically incorrect golf shots after badly shanking a tee shot which caught a tree and somehow found the edge of the green.

“Who are you, OJ Simpson?” asked my playing partner.

“OJ Simpson?”

“Yeah. Got away with it when you really shouldn’t have…”

Oh how we laughed.

Since that fateful day (I made birdie, since you're asking), I’ve heard plenty. A Sally Gunnell, apparently, is a shot which doesn’t look good but runs for miles, while a Michael Jackson starts well but fades badly and a Condom was safe but didn’t feel great.

Ho ho ho.

Well, Jack Palmer – who may or may not be related to Arnold – has spent his years on the links noting down these little ditties and now he’s collated them all in a funny, easy-to-read book - published by Summersdale and available now.

And not only does Palmer describe each shot, he also gives you tips on how to fix them, so once you’ve finished laughing at each shot description, you learn a little too. Fancy that.

And there’s more, because your favourite golf website (I mean Golfmagic, smart-arse) has a couple of copies to give away.

To enter, just come up with your own politically incorrect golf shot. My two favourites will get a copy of the book which, according to the release, will “have you giggling on the fairway!”