So what's TopGolf like?

Geoff Blofield takes his wife shopping to Watford...then slips off to try out TopGolf!

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Geoff Blofield
Fri, 9 Feb 2001
So what's TopGolf like?

Visited TopGolf in Watford on are my thoughts:

Good attempt but expected slightly better.

I phoned in advance to see how long I may have to queue -they had no real idea-said maybe up to an hour-but when I arrived there were empty bays and no queuing

Putting area was not for serious golfers-ok for kids amusement but that's all.

Good that you can borrow clubs f.o.c.

Staff were very helpful but as several of them were new , they were as confused as I was!

TopGolf, the alternative to shopping in Watford!

Once you have paid to join your card is loaded with points-but it depends on what time of day you play as to how many points each game (20 balls) took.

You need to take the trouble to find out how much it will cost you in advance of the time you play or you'll get as confused as I was.

You play with Maxfli XS Tour golf balls which are personally registered to you with a chip in the centre.

Each game lasts 20 balls and when you aim at targets varying in length from 25 yrds to 250 yards you score points which are registered on a screen. I found the most useful thing was the the yardage showed each time you struck the ball (which proved I have no chance as my 7 iron kept going between 120 and 160 yards-but that was down to me!). There is a high element of luck ,depending how the ball bounces around the scoring area -which consists of channels to capture and record your ball.

I ended up paying £12 including membership £5 -had 80 balls which should have been 4 games, but for some reason only 2 games registered and the rest came up as "free balls". No one understood why -I was however given a complimentary go on the putting round and I wasn't really in the mood to make a fuss.

Good mats which enabled proper plastic tees (provided) to be used.

There was supposed to be heated bays but the heaters were not being used.

Excellent well stocked American Golf Discount Franchise, again with very helpfull staff.

I thought it was a tad expensive for what it was.(e.g. compared to Wycombe Heights)

Would be ideal next to a leisure club or similar to keep the rest of the family amused, but this was located a bit out of the way.

Worth a visit -(especially if like me you like leaving the women in the household at the shops) but strongly recommend go with someone else to have a competitive game, enjoy the banter etc. Not quite the same if you go just by yourself -might as well stick to a standard driving range.

My Mark 7/10

TopGolf Centre
Bushey Mill Lane
WD24 7AB
TopGolf Website

Tel: 01923 222045

Directions: From the M1 junction 5, take the A4008 South towards Watford, Go right at the first roundabout into Colonial Way. At the next roundabout go right into Radlett Road and first right into Bushey Mill Lane.