Why nude golfer's sand play caused offence

Retired gym teacher faces court action

Why nude golfer's sand play caused offence

The trial of a man who enjoys hitting golf balls on the beach in the nude, heard evidence this week that several people are offended by his behaviour. Naturist Marc Langlais (57) faces charges of being nude in public at New Brunswick, Canada and several counts of breaching a probation order.

The retired gym teacher from Quebec owns cottages in the Cap-Pele area practises naturism as well as his golf swing. But his neighbours are not impressed, reports Associated Press.

Noella Gagnon testified that Langlais is constantly parading about in the nude, or wearing just a tiny cloth over his privates.

"We are always bothered when Mr. Langlais is on the beach," she told the court.

"Even when he has his clothes on?" asked defence lawyer Martin Aubin.

"Well," said Gagnon, "we've never seen him with his clothes on."

Others testified that sometimes Langlais is nude and at other times he wears a tiny patch of cloth, a hat and sunglasses.

His actions included using a golf club to strike a golf ball around the beach and another complainant, Marc Comeau, was particularly offended by Langlais bending over to pick up his golf balls.

The case continues.

Tell us on the forum if you've ever spotted similar activity or ever been tempted to peel off your clothes to swing a golf club. Perhaps Golfmagic should launch the Nude Golf Open? Then again...

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