Golfers dragged out of water whilst still in their golf cart

Golf fans want to know how on earth these two golfers and their golf cart ended up in the lake.

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Tue, 27 Oct 2020
Golfers dragged out of water whilst still in their golf cart

As entertaining as this video is, it's bugging me that I don't have more pieces to the puzzle, because along with multiple other golf fans, I can't work out how on earth these two golfers got into this situation...

I've seen hundreds of videos involving golf carts but never have I seen one quite like this.

Every week there's a new video of someone crashing a golf cart, tipping one over because some idiot has tried to drift it and I've even seen videos of people driving them into their friends after one too many beers.

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When it comes to golf carts ending up in water, it usually doesn't still have the golfers sat on the seats.

Watch the video below and try to work this one out for yourself...






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Rescue mission! - @birdicorngolf

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Golf fans in the comments were as confused as I was after watching the video and flooded the comments in an attempt to get some answers.

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"Driver probably wore a hoodie," joked one person in the comments.

"How did it get that far in there though?" asked another.

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