Here's the EASY way to combat driving distance... but will it ever happen?!

Scott Hend jokes about how you can easily combat driving distance on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf... but Sir Nick Faldo is serious about it!

Here's the EASY way to combat driving distance... but will it ever happen?!

The golf ball is going too far on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf in 2022. Let's roll it back, you will typically hear critics of the game tell us when it comes to the latest driving distance numbers. 

Bring back smaller driver heads like the good ol' days perhaps? Make changes to the design of the golf ball so it curves a lot more? 

Both credible ideas, for sure. 

But one of the most simpler reasons to combat driving distance, at least in the eyes of DP World Tour pro Scott Hend (okay, he WAS joking!), is to get rid of the cheapest accessory you can find in your golf bag. 

Golf tees! 

Hend says get rid of the golf tee and instead hit your ball off the deck. 

Let's see how far Rory McIlroy can drive the ball then?! 

"Here is a easy way to battle the argument about the ball going tooooo far..... You can't tee up your driver anymore, off the deck it is... See issue fixed, now discuss," tweeted Hend. 

Sir Nick Faldo, however, is deadly serious about this idea having made the point multiple times before. 

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It will surely never happen on the PGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf in 2023, but it would certainly prevent players from sending it 300 on a regular basis. 

Now we have tried to master the 'driver off the deck' shot here at GolfMagic, but if truth be told, we find it very hard! 

Can you do it? We would love to see it, so please send in any videos you have of you ripping a driver off the deck. 

Here are some helpful tips on being able to hit a golf driver off the deck

Now watch Phil Mickelson hit a driver off the deck, from out of the trees! 

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