This incredible young golfer is the KING of mini-golf!

This young golfer plays the game of golf in the best style you can think of: quick, decisive and without a care in the world.

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Wed, 13 Apr 2022
This incredible young golfer is the KING of mini-golf!

When it comes down to the stress and anxiety you can feel when you play golf, you should forget all of that and take a leaf out of the book of this young golfer.

Golf is a sport where you need strength between your ears as much as in your physical ability. You need to be confident and swing freely.

If you lack belief in yourself and you have a negative outlook on your round, you will never shoot a good score and you are more likely to hit bad shots.

Many golfers end up overthinking their game and making irrational decisions. If you think straight and play with no hesitation, you are more likely to succeed.

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When it comes to hesitation and indecision, these are two words that you would not associate with the little mini-golf king in the footage above.

He eradicates all thought that has gone into the creation of the mini-golf course. He simply steps up, swings his club and most of the time, the ball ends up going in the hole.

The talented lefty has a strong passion for the game and that is great to see. Have you ever seen so many hole-in-ones on one Instagram account by such a young golfer?

As we see every week on the PGA Tour, the players show immense concentration and precision with every shot. But maybe this young golfing sensation is on to an even better technique?



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