OUTRAGE: Golfer DQ'D as putter grips were QUARTER OF AN INCH too close together

Golf fans react to incredible disqualification for golfer at the USGA 4-ball earlier today.

OUTRAGE: Golfer DISQUALIFIED after his putter grips were not far enough apart
OUTRAGE: Golfer DISQUALIFIED after his putter grips were not far enough…

A golfer has been disqualified from the USGA 4-ball this morning after, wait for it... having two grips on his putter that were a quarter of an inch too close together. 

The incredible DQ for breaking this particular golf equipment rule was revealed on Twitter this afternoon by the popular Monday Q Info account by the name of @acaseofthegolf1.



"If you have two grips on the putter, they have to be a minimum of 1.5 inches apart. His were 1.25 inches apart," tweeted Monday Q Info.

"One of the USGA officials saw it yesterday afternoon.

"Went back to the hotel to confirm the rule.

"Measured this AM in parking lot and DQ'd him."

The account then posted: "to be clear the guy in the pic is NOT the guy who called the rule. I learned it was an official who pointed it out."

Pro golfer Will Strickler replied: "Guy in the pic is who got unfairly (IMO) DQ’d."



Another tweeted: "Got to love golf rules. My word."

Amanda Rose, who joins Paige Spiranac on her popular 'Playing-A-Round' podcast these days, tweeted: "Imagine having the eyeball discipline to even see that. I can’t tell half the time if a pin is back or middle when I’m standing on the MFing green."

One golf fan commented: "Moral of the story: NEVER have two grips on your putter."

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