WATCH: Clubhead comes FLYING OFF driver during swing!

Has this ever happened to you before?

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Mon, 8 Feb 2021
WATCH: Clubhead comes FLYING OFF driver during swing!

The latest drivers certainly aren't cheap and if you're going to part with hundreds of pounds or dollars buying a new big stick, you expect it to be made perfectly.

Of course the expensive technology used in drivers won't stop the shaft from snapping when you put it over your knee after pulling your 10th drive of the round, but we expect a high level of durability.

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In a video posted on Instagram by Long Drivers, this golfer was in for a surprise when his clubhead came flying off his driver and it doesn't take long for the panic to appear on his face as he realises what has happened.


Has something like this ever happened to you? I can't say I've experienced it myself but it does take me back to a hilarious moment in my junior golf career.

I was playing in a tournament with a junior who, to be honest, no one really enjoyed playing with as all he would go on about is how good he is (he wasn't even that good) and show off the his flash new equipment he had on a regular basis.

I had endured about five or six holes already with him going on and on about his new Callaway driver and how good it was, even though I was yet to see him hit one straight drive with the thing.

At the next tee, he steps up and hits his ball, only to watch his clubhead come flying off into the rough, whilst his ball went the other way and out of bounds. I did my best not to laugh but I couldn't hold it in.



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