WATCH: Gareth Bale goes BANANAS with hole-in-one! "A clip for the ages!"

Gareth Bale went absolutely bananas when he made the hole-in-one. 

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Thu, 18 May 2023
WATCH: Gareth Bale goes BANANAS with hole-in-one! "A clip for the ages!"

Gareth Bale has once again impressed with his golf skills: this time making a hole-in-one at Torrey Pines. 

The moment for the former Spurs and Real Madrid forward arrived on No. 3 and was shared on Bale's social media channels. 

Bale played a lot of golf during his playing days and it even landed him in hot water at times, particularly when he was in Spain. 

Famously, he posed with a flag that was emblazoned with the words 'Wales, Golf, Real Madrid. In that order'. 

Suffice to say Bale has been playing more than ever and his swing, in this writer's opinion, is looking incredible. 

The commentary of the clip, by his pal Ollie Schindler, really summed up the moment perfectly:

"Hole-in-one time. [He's] never had one. This is the hole to do it."

After he struck the shot Ollie said: "Oh hello, sweet heart! Hello? Hello! Oh my god he got it!" 

Bale went absolutely mad. "This is a clip for the ages," Ollie added. "He doesn't just do bicycle kicks!"

Watch the clip here:

This was not the first remarkable shot that was captured on film for Bale this year. In February, the Welshman made his PGA Tour debut at the AT&T Pebble-Beach Pro-Am. 

During the first round, Bale managed to hole out from the cart path with an incredible shot.

Some golf fans suggested he didn't mean it but Bale was insistent that it was deliberate.

Watch that here:

Of that shot, Bale said: 

I was more worried how I was there in the first place. But, yeah, I guess a lot of amateurs find themselves out of position.
"Yeah, it was a great shot. Just tried to put it into the bank and hope for the best, like most amateurs do. It was nice to see it roll up nice and close.
"So, I couldn't play it proper because there was a curb in front of me. In my practice swing I hit the curb. So I was like I have to really like dig it.
"I put it back in my stance and hit it into the bank. So of course there was a lot of luck involved, don't get me wrong. But, yeah, the shot that I guess I tried to play and you need a bit of luck along the way."

Bale announced his retirement from professional football in January. 

He finished his career as the most-capped player for Wales and the record men's scorer. 

Bale won five Champions League titles with Real Madrid following his then world record $80m transfer to the Bernabeu in 2013 from Spurs. 

He began his career at Cardiff before his switch to White Hart Lane. 

Memorably, he was described as a flop and linked with a $3m move to Birmingham City. 

After Wrexham were promoted, there were rumours he could be lured out of retirement, but Bale was quick to confirm that his playing days were over for good. 

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