WATCH: Golfers try to put out HUGE golf buggy fire

This isn't something you expect to see on the golf course every day...

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Mon, 22 Feb 2021
WATCH: Golfers try to put out HUGE golf buggy fire

A video has gone viral on Instagram of golfers attempting to put out a blazing fire on the golf course, after a golf cart burst into flames.

Now we don't know any further details as to how the cart caught fire on the first place and hopefully it wasn't a wreckless act of vandalism, but it caused a huge fire whilst the cart melted away.

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The video was posted on the Golfersdoingthings Instagram page and has racked up over 220,000 views in a matter of days.


The golfers in the video were doing their best to put the fire out, but it's safe to say I can't see them getting a job as a firefighter any time soon and golf fans flooded the comments section to have their say too.

"Base of the fire tends to work better than shooting it literally over the top of the flames."

"Electric fire plus water = good luck."

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"Old hip-hands in the blue has so much insight on how to dissolve this issue. It’s in the stance."

"Electrical fire bud... gonna be there a while."

"Soak it in rice."



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