WATCH: Incredible golfer plays GOLF JENGA by skipping shot across lake

After watching this amazing footage below, how many of you want to take part in a fun game of golf Jenga?

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Mon, 16 May 2022
WATCH: Incredible golfer plays GOLF JENGA by skipping shot across lake

Some golfers and trick shot specialists think of the most amazing challenges and activities and we have found the next best innovation: golf Jenga.

One golfer thought up the idea of placing a Jenga set on one side of a lake and he wanted to knock out a piece from the wooden tower.

As we all know, Jenga is a very hard game and it can become extremely tense towards the end of the game when the blocks are wobbling and quaking.

When there are only a couple of blocks left to pull and the majority of the blocks have been stacked, it becomes almost impossible to carry on once it is your turn.

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The point I'm making is that Jenga is very hard, very hard indeed. It is even harder when you start incorporating the sport of golf into the equation. 

This golfer stood on the other side of the lake and skipped his ball across the water. This really is one of the most amazing trick shots that we have seen in 2022.

The ball smacks into the tower and knocks out one of the blocks. The tower wobbles as it always does, but it stands tall and firm to complete the trick shot.

It is not only the connection that is very satisfying, but it is also the way in which the player applies fade spin on the ball as it glides off the water.

It would be hard for most people to even hit the small wooden tower, let alone hit it so perfectly that one block is perfectly removed from the stack.



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