Analyst tears into Lefty, Brooks and Bryson before predicting LIV Golf demise

Brandel Chamblee believes the PGA Tour-PIF merger will likely be blocked. 

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Fri, 9 Jun 2023
Analyst tears into Lefty, Brooks and Bryson before predicting LIV Golf demise

Brandel Chamblee has been involved in some of the biggest public rows about LIV Golf over the last 12 months. 

Primarily, Chamblee has traded blows with Phil Mickelson, accusing the six-time major champion of being paid to do the bidding of a murderer. 

"Phil's always had a reputation amongst the players as trying to manipulate almost every scenario to benefit himself," the anchor previously declared of Mickelson before he disappeared from the golf world following his comments about Saudi Arabia. 

When Mickelson came back, at no point has their feud threatened to settle down. 

So there was always going to be an interesting reaction once it was announced the PGA Tour had brokered a deal with LIV Golf's backers. 

How, exactly, would Chamblee respond? 

"Welfare check on Chamblee," Brooks Koepka posted in the minutes after the deal was announced. "Awesome day today," Mickelson posted. 

Chamblee didn't take too long to condemn the deal, describing it as the 'one of saddest days in professional golf'. 

Watch his rant here:

Now, Chamblee reckons the deal is unlikely to go through. If it's not rejected by the PGA Tour's player board, it will likely be blocked by the U.S. Department of Justice. 

The DOJ was already investigating the PGA Tour over anticompetitive practices before the deal was brokered. 

"This is a long way from being a done deal," Chamblee wrote. 

Chamblee later went on the Rich Eisen Show where he was asked about Koepka's tweet. 

"I laughed at it," Chamblee said before addressing the gleeful responses from some LIV players:

"If you can find any laughter in that day, the fact that they thought it as a cause of celebration was quite humorous on the LIV side. I don't think they're that bright. 
"Because if the deal goes through, it will lead to the destruction of LIV, which means their boss - their route back to the PGA Tour - is Jay Monahan, and I believe, and their fine gets doubled, based on their gloating that day. 
"So, Phil, Brooks, Bryson, I don't think they fully understand the ramifications if the deal goes through. They are all out of a job."

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