Elin Nordegren on Tiger's $30m lawsuit? "To that degree, she is very interested"

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren has reportedly zero interest in the golfer's latest high-profile romantic split, this time with Erica Herman.

Elin Nordegren on Tiger's $30m lawsuit? "To that degree, she is very interested"
Elin Nordegren on Tiger's $30m lawsuit? "To that degree, she is very…

In news that will come as absolutely zero shock to anyone, Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren has zero interest in his latest high-profile split, according to a report.  

Woods, 47, is embroiled in what appears to be a nasty romantic breakup with Erica Herman, whom he dated for six years. 

This time, there is also a $30m lawsuit in the mix as Herman argues she is owed the sum of money due to the way she was evicted. 

Herman's attorneys argued in court filings in October that she was locked out of their shared home, 'Specifically, by trickery by agents of the Defendant.' 

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She argues that she was told to pack her suitcase for a short vacation, only to be told she had been locked out once she got to the airport. 

Herman claims she had a verbal agreement with the golfer that she could continue living at his home for another five years. 

Woods has denied have such an agreement, and his attorneys have written that Herman is 'a jilted ex-girlfriend'. 

Elin Nordegren on Tiger's $30m lawsuit?

As ever, when talking about Woods' romantic life, many can't help but bring up his ex-wife Nordegren. 

She is the mother of their children teenage Samantha, 15, and 13-year-old Charlie. The couple divorced in 2010 following Woods' extramarital affairs.

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According to PEOPLE, a 'source' close to Nordegren claims the only thing she is interested in is whether her children are happy. 

This source said:

"This aspect of Tiger's life is not her concern. She has no interest in his personal life or what happens with his various girlfriends. That part of her life was over a long time ago.
"Elin and Tiger are on good terms for the sake of the children. She would never go back with him but likes that he is a good father. She has seen that over the years which worked them into a good relationship. They co-parent pretty well.
"Of course, she needs to be very confident that the children are safe and happy around anyone that Tiger is with especially if the romance becomes serious. To that degree, she is very interested. But not on much else."
"Compared to other couples who break up with kids this one has been smooth sailing for the most part. The kids have good lives with both parents and that says something about their maturity and ability to look aside from the past differences."

Elin Nordegren on Tiger's $30m lawsuit?

In a separate lawsuit, the aforementioned Herman also wants a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2017 nullified. 

She is citing the Speak Out Act, which limits the enforceability of NDAs in cases of sexual assault or harassment. 

Woods' attorneys have denied any such behaviour. It's important to note that Herman's legal action does not detail any allegations against anyone.

It is also not clear why Woods and Herman split. They were last pictured together in public at the U.S. Open last August. 

It has been reported that one of the reasons for the split was because Woods felt that Herman was 'spending too much money'. 

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