Report: Tiger Woods thought Erica Herman 'spending too much' before split

According to a report, Tiger Woods and Erica Herman clashed over time and money before they ended their six-year relationship in October 2022.

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Wed, 15 Mar 2023
Report: Tiger Woods thought Erica Herman 'spending too much' before split

Tiger Woods thought Erica Herman was 'spending too lavishly' before they ended their six-year relationship, according to a report. 

The Miami Herald report that towards the end of their romance, Herman grew frustrated that Woods, now 47, 'was never home'. 

The publication quote an insider as saying:

"[Erica] was his best friend, nurse and lover and things were great."


"Erica thought Tiger was never at home, and Tiger thought Erica was spending too much and living too lavish of a lifestyle."

The 'source' claims Herman believes she is 'entitled to a payout' after helping the golfer 'spiritually and emotionally' recover from his car crash. 

Woods was hospitalized for several weeks in February 2021 after the high-speed crash in the hills of Los Angeles. 

What has Tiger said about his recovery and Herman's support?

Woods underwent emergency surgery to repair multiple injuries to his right leg, including fractures of his tibia and fibula bones, as well as injuries to his ankle and foot.

Woods was initially hospitalized at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and was then transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Woods remained in the hospital for about three weeks before being released in mid-March 2021. 

He spoke of how he passed the time by having Herman play catch with a tennis ball. 

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After leaving the hospital, he continued his recovery at home and shared updates on his progress with fans on social media.

He later announced that he would not be competing in the 2021 Masters, citing ongoing rehabilitation for his injuries.

Woods has not publicly spoken extensively about Herman, but he has made a few comments about her in interviews.

In a 2018 interview with reporters at the Presidents Cup, Woods referred to Herman as his "girlfriend" and praised her for supporting him through his recovery. 

She was also pictured greenside dressed in his famous red and black when he won the 2019 Masters

Herman sues Tiger Woods

News broke in March 2023 that Herman was suing Woods and a trust he controls for $30m

In court documents her attorneys argued that she was 'tricked' into packing a suitcase for a holiday, only for her to be told she had been locked out the property they shared in Jupiter, Florida. 

Woods disputes the claims. His attorneys described her as 'jilted'

Herman also wants an NDA she signed in 2017 nullified, claiming it is unenforceable. She cites the Speak Out Act. 

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