Gary Player reveals the big mistake Tiger Woods made after the US Open

Gary Player reveals "inconceivable" mistake Tiger Woods made after running away with 2000 US Open.

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Sat, 25 Mar 2023
Gary Player reveals the one big mistake Tiger Woods made after the US Open

Gary Player believes Tiger Woods would have reached 20 career major wins had he not opted for lessons with a swing coach after winning the 2000 US Open. 

Player, speaking to the Daily Mail, thinks Woods would have surpassed Jack Nicklaus' major record of 18 wins if he had just done things his own way following his dominant display at Pebble Beach where he ran out a record 15-shot victory at the 2000 US Open

"Tiger Woods was the most talented golfer the planet has ever seen but he made a few bad decisions, which we all do," nine-time major champion Player told the Daily Mail.

"Having lessons when he won the US Open by 15 shots was inconceivable — if he never went for a lesson he would have won 20 majors minimum and he would have beat Nicklaus’s record.

"Then we come to Jack Nicklaus, the most majors in the world. I suppose my point is when you talk about the best players — and might I just say I have the best record for worldwide wins (159) — there are many ways you can judge golfers."

Tiger Woods history of swing coaches: 

Woods worked with legendary swing coach Butch Harmon from 1996 through to 2002 in a period that saw him win eight of his 15 career majors. 

That relationship ended in August 2002 and then Woods coached himself until February 2004 when he then turned to Hank Haney.

Woods' partnership with Haney was another successful one, winning six more majors through until their split in May 2010. 

Haney would then release a controversial memoir of the years he and Woods worked together titled: ‘The Big Miss’. 

Woods then turned to Sean Foley from August 2010 to 2014, but while that partnership saw him win eight PGA Tour titles there were to be no major wins. 

He then worked with Chris Como from September 2014 to December 2017 but there were once again no majors in that period, or any PGA Tour wins.

Woods then went his own way once again in January 2018 and he remains his own swing coach through to the present day. 

He of course memorably went on to win the 2019 Masters against all the odds, which was his last major championship win to date. 

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