Higgs on DeChambeau: "Just grab your 7-iron man and hit a golf shot"

Bryson DeChambeau "has stayed the same level of weird" Harry Higgs tells Claude Harmon. 

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Fri, 29 Apr 2022
Higgs on DeChambeau: "Just grab your 7-iron man and hit a golf shot"

PGA Tour hero Harry Higgs has told golf coach Claude Harmon that his compatriot Bryson DeChambeau "has stayed the same level of weird" throughout his entire golf career.

Higgs, speaking to Harmon on GOLF's latest episode of 'Off Course', discussed what it was like to be around DeChambeau back in their days at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and how things have hardly changed on the PGA Tour today. 

"I think Bryson has stayed the same level of weird," Higgs told Harmon.

"And I say that with all due respect."

Higgs added: "He obviously does things in Bryson’s way, which is very different. 

"Everybody was kind of like trying to poke holes in the stuff that he was doing, and we were just like, man, this kid is so good, you keep doing your crazy s—, Bryson, and basically, for me, it was like, you keep doing your weird s— and shooting good scores, and all I’m gonna do is try to beat you, because if I beat you, I’m gonna do well.

Higgs also admits he hadn't a clue what the Mad Scientist was up to ahead of his rounds of golf, especially in regard to his single-length club setup that he continues to adopt today. 

"I didn’t understand any of the stuff that he was doing," said Higgs. "The single-length irons, all this stuff. I was like, argh. But he spent so much time on his equipment and the golf ball."

And don't even get Higgs started on all that epsom salts nonsense.

"All that, to me, was wild," said Higgs.

"Just grab your 7-iron, man, and hit a golf shot. You don’t need to go through all this.

"But the results spoke for themselves, dude. And part of the reason why he is who is he and he’s had the success that he’s had, he doesn’t give a s—, and he knows he’s weird, and he’s just gonna make his weird stuff work."

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