Jon Rahm's hilarious Masters tale: "I'm there thinking don't f*** this up!"

Jon Rahm has revealed the strict rules about the green jacket. 

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Fri, 21 Apr 2023
Jon Rahm's hilarious Masters tale: "I'm there thinking don't f*** this up!"

The Masters is still lingering in our thoughts after Jon Rahm claimed his second major championship. 

And Rahm has detailed what it was like behind-the-scenes in the immediate aftermath of his victory. 

Apparently, there is an awful lot to remember. The golden rule? Apparently you have to shake the hand of chairman Fred Ridley first in the green jacket ceremony.

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Rahm told Golf's Subpar podcast

"They had me rehearse [the ceremony] with the people inside. I'm like, I've never thought of this in my life, right?
"They have you try a few jackets on and all that, and then it's like this is how you do this. This is pretty funny, they said the one rule that I had to remember is not to shake Scottie's hands first. To go to the chairman first and then to him.
"The whole time I'm there thinking, like, don't f— this up. Then [we get to the ceremony] and I stand up and the first person I see is Scottie, even though he was trying to hide behind me.”
"The funny thing is, if I would've done the wrong thing, nobody would've known."

Rahm also went further to explain the strict rules around the green jacket. 

He added:

"I don't know all the rules. There's a dress code that comes with it. It's complicated. The jacket can't have a public appearance without them knowing. They have to give approval for everything."
"I can't be photographed having alcohol with the jacket. It just goes on and on and on."

Rahm later revealed he wanted to withdraw from the PGA Tour's RBC Heritage a week after his stunning victory. 

He decided to compete anyway, stating how he was thinking of those who had already purchased tickets and he wanted to honour his commitment

Rory McIlroy attracted criticism for pulling out of the tournament. His decision cost him millions of dollars

Rahm got snippy with a reporter when asked if he considered 'throwing' his second round to get some more rest. 

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