Jordan Spieth once asked Barack Obama about ALIENS, says Steph Curry

NBA All-Star Steph Curry confirmed that Jordan Spieth asked the former US President about this topic.

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Fri, 30 Jun 2023
Jordan Spieth once asked Barack Obama about ALIENS, says Steph Curry

Stephen Curry has revealed a wild interaction that Jordan Spieth once had with former US President Barack Obama during a friendly round of golf.

Back in 2017, the NBA All-Star and the three-time major champ played in a star-studded group that included Obama and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

Curry, now a four-time NBA champion, is also an avid and highly-skilled golfer.

The Golden State Warriors point guard was joined by teammate Klay Thompson in the latest iteration of The Match, which aired on Thursday.

The pair played against Super Bowl champs Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Ahead of the exhibition, however, Curry joined Smylie Kaufman on his The Smylie Show podcast.

It was there, that Curry gave an inside scoop to at least one of the conversations that developed during the round of A-listers back in 2017.

In a clip posted by Kaufman to Twitter on Thursday, Curry reveals a hilarious interaction that Spieth had shared with Obama during that iconic round.

"Can you confirm this for me? Did Jordan really ask President Obama if aliens exist?" said Kaufman.

"I can confirm. Yes, I can," Curry revealed, adding:

"That was amazing. It's like, when you get the time with the 44th President of the United States I would ashamed if you didn't ask that question. I mean, you gotta shoot your shot, right?"

Here's the full clip:

Curry and Thompson ended up suffering a surprise defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs duo 3&2 during Thursday's The Match.

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