Multiple PGA Tour winner offers cut-throat response to golf's biggest stars

Rocco Mediate had two words for PGA Tour stars bickering about money in light of the circuit's framework agreement with LIV Golf's backers.

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Thu, 3 Aug 2023
Multiple PGA Tour winner offers cut-throat response to golf's biggest stars

Rocco Mediate had two words for PGA Tour stars moaning about money: play better.

Mediate joined Golf Today to discuss the state of men's professional golf before the conclusion of the regular season on the PGA Tour. 

The FedEx Cup playoffs will be played amid uncertainty about what the future of the game will look like in light of the PGA Tour's deal with LIV Golf's backers. 

Both sides are working to a deadline of the end of the year to hash out an arrangement. 

The agreement will now have to have the blessing of Tiger Woods who has joined the PGA Tour's policy board. 

His inclusion onto the board was lauded by his fellow tour members and interpreted as a clear sign the players are attempting to seize more power. 

Of course, one topic that being discussed at length at this moment in time is money. 

Before the 3M Championship, PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan announced plans for a compensation scheme to be set up for those who remained loyal and didn't bolt to the rival league. 

The topic has divided opinion, with both Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm disagreeing on the subject. 

When you consider the fact PGA Tour stars are also playing for the biggest purses in history, it is not unreasonable to suggest elite pro golfers have had it better than ever. 

Some will miss out on the riches though if they never had a LIV offer. There are also limited field numbers of next season's signature events. 

This is where Mediate comes into the picture with his thoughts. 

Mediate said:

"We kinda laugh [with] what is going on. It [golf] was doing just fine I think. We kinda, we were always told and you've probably heard this a million times from a million different players, we were always told if you want more [and] if you find yourself complaining, if you find yourself not happy play better: play better.
"I remember Deane Beman [former PGA Tour commissioner] said that to us when I first made it in the fall of 85 when I got my card. He said, 'You're gonna find yourselves mad, you're gonna find yourselves jealous of your buddies because they are kicking your butt, you're gonna find yourselves this and that... so fix that and play better and we'll give you things you don't ask for'. 
"That's what he said in 1985. And it's still that way but it's not that way. Now they're saying we gotta take care of the top guys. And I get it, they're the draw. But that's not how it used to be. 
"The best guys, if you played the best that's what you got. You got more. You made more money."


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