Paul McGinley hits out at "impulsive opinions" of Tour pros in golf ball debate

Paul McGinley believes the strong views of PGA Tour pros on the golf ball rollback debate "does them and the game no favours".

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Thu, 16 Mar 2023
Paul McGinley hits out at "impulsive opinions" of Tour pros in golf ball debate

Paul McGinley believes the "impulsive opinions" of PGA Tour and LIV Golf pros following the USGA and R&A's proposals to rollback the golf ball in 2026 are doing "the game no favours".

Earlier this week, the R&A and USGA announced proposals to combat the biggest hitters by giving tournament organisers the option of using a distance-reducing golf ball.

PGA Tour pro Justin Thomas and LIV Golf pro Bryson DeChambeau have been just two star names to come out this week and blast the USGA and R&A's proposals to rollback the golf ball. 

But McGinley, 56, considers players of this stature in the game should not be expressing their views on this subject quite so much as they are in public. 

The Irishman has also hit out at the 'shoot from the hip' comments by golf fans on social media. 

McGinley tweeted: 

"On the golf ball debate. Again, the very public 'shoot from the hip' & impulsive opinions of many Tour pros does them & the game no favours.
"Of course it's a time for sharing views but it's best to do so privately & through the proper forums & definitely not so publicly [sad face]."

The four-time European Tour winner also revealed today why he has chosen not to renew his contract as a DP World Tour Board Member. 

McGinley last week spoke about how he felt Rory McIlroy was too tired following his heavy involvement as the lead voice of the PGA Tour. 

He thinks McIlroy is taking "too many bullets" from the media, too. 

What is the golf ball rollback all about? 

The USGA and R&A want to implement changes to the golf ball at various tournament from 2026. 

They believe Tour pros are hitting it too far. 

The latest proposals by golf's governing bodies will reduce the length of tee shots by approximately 15 yards

But there will be no change to the equipment standards at this time.

There will also be no impact on the rest of us amateur hacks, though. 

It represents the very first time that golf's rules will be bifurcated

What are golf ball brands saying about it? 

Titleist, who makes the No.1 ball in golf with its Pro V1 franchise, has immediately hit back at the proposals in a statement, which has just been sent to GolfMagic.

Acushnet, which operates Titleist, believes "bifurcation would divide golf between elite and recreational play, add confusion, and break the linkage that is part of the game's enduring fabric."


What do you make of the USGA and R&A's decision to rollback the golf ball from 2026? Is it really needed on Tour? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.