PGA Tour pro on caddie bust-up: "He gives it as good as anyone I've ever met!"

The PGA Tour pro has addressed the 'heat of the moment' exchange with his caddie. 

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Mon, 15 May 2023
PGA Tour pro on caddie bust-up: "He gives it as good as anyone I've ever met!"

It was moment that attracted a huge amount of attention: PGA Tour pro Matt Wallace ripping into his caddie. 

The unpleasant exchange happened during the third round of the Valspar Championship in March. 

It culminated in Wallace telling French caddie Sam to shut the f*** up and the clip spread like wildfire on social media. 

Wallace later issued, in this writer's opinion, a non-apology apology when he said his focus was taken away from the shot when his looper suggested they perhaps take a drop off the cart path. 

The English pro was asked about the moment again during an interview with James Corrigan for The Daily Telegraph. 

Wallace also had some interesting thoughts about LIV Golf's Talor Gooch

Of that moment, Wallace told the paper:

"[It was] heat of the moment, Sam gives it as good as anyone I've ever met, and that's exactly what I need. I don't need someone to roll over and be a yes-man. The best thing about Sam and myself, because it is a relationship, literally after the round is finished, we look at each other and say 'you good?' 'Yeah.' 'You good?' 'Yeah'."

Wallace added: 

"I enjoy the intensity of what sports brings, and I don't think golf has that intensity. My level of intensity is probably more suited to football, but that's who I am as a golfer. It's not a caddie-player relationship problem. It's an intensity problem of getting ourselves up there. This is why I feel like I play my best golf in the highest pressure moments because my focus is super narrow."

It definitely appears as though the moment is firmly in the past for Wallace and Sam. 

His comments come just a week after an anonymous PGA Tour caddie lifted the lid on the 'abuse' loopers receive from some players. 

This caddie suggested one 'top' player:

  • Rips on his caddie's appearance
  • Talks 'massive crap' behind his caddie's back
  • Criticises his prep, strategy and decisions

"I doubt your bosses talk to you like some players talk to us," the caddie wrote. 

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