Tour pro takes dim view of Matt Wallace after he explains "STFU" caddie moment!

Matt Wallace has explained his point of view after a video went viral of the Englishman berating his caddie at a PGA Tour event.

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Mon, 20 Mar 2023
Tour pro takes dim view of Matt Wallace after he explains "STFU" caddie moment!

England's Matt Wallace has addressed the moment he was involved in a fiery exchange with his caddie Sam during the Valspar Championship. 

The angry exchange happened during the third round at the Copperhead course at Innisbrook resort. 

Wallace missed the fairway and his golf ball came to rest on the cart path. 

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It's hard to work out exactly what was said in the exchange, but the 32-year-old could be seen mouthing the words "shut the f*** up" to his looper. 

Wallace got up-and-down for par and eventually finished T-7, six strokes behind the champion Taylor Moore. 

England's Tommy Fleetwood also finished inside the top-10. Fleetwood has taken the time to react to this unwanted PGA Tour milestone. 

But back to Wallace who told Sky Sports it all happened in the heat of the moment. 

Remind yourself of the moment here:

Wallace said:

"It was a question at a time where I decided to play it off the cart path and he said, as I'm getting my routine ready, he said, 'Shall we drop it', asking me a question and I was like, I would've made a drop. I would've dropped it if I wanted to. 
"So I was just saying [to his caddie], my flow was ready. I was ready to hit the shot and then my focus was taken away from the shot a little bit and he's been brilliant all day in that weather, for me to trust him all day like I did and then we get to the last and it was just the rhythm, you know. 
"It was a valid question for him [and] afterwards he said, 'Yeah, maybe the dust and the ball above my feet and stuff like that.' So that was just something in the time at the moment and then he was bang on it onto the next shot. He was like, 'Right, we're here now. Let's get this up-and-down, let's get it in the house and go again tomorrow." 

It's fair to suggest that the exchange has led to an intense reaction on social media. 

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim blasted Wallace, writing: 

"It's funny, you'd think caddies are forcing the players to hit a certain club sometimes. The players have the final say. Just deflecting responsibility to the caddy might be good for ur ego but nothing else."

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