PGA Tour pro on Saudi League: I want a bunch of money so I can retire at 44

PGA Tour winner Jason Kokrak reveals the honest truth as to why he wants to join a Saudi Golf League.

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Thu, 17 Feb 2022
PGA Tour pro on Saudi League: "I want a bunch of money to I can retire at 44"

PGA Tour pro Jason Kokrak has revealed he wants to join a new Saudi Golf League so that he can make lots of money, retire at 44 and watch his children grow up, according to an interview with Golf Digest's Dan Rapaport. 

Kokrak, 36, told Rapaport he has been in regular contact with Saudi Golf League organisers about the prospect of breaking away from the PGA Tour and joining the controversial new league with a number of his peers. 

At least the World No.25 was sincere with his words, unlike some others of late, albeit talking to Rapaport with 'Golf Saudi' emblazoned on his bag having penned a deal with them last season.


The American has made just shy of $20 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour. 

Surely enough for him to already retire on? 

Apparently not. 



"Just spoke with Jason Kokrak, who said he has been in talks with the Saudi league," tweeted Rapaport.

"Essentially said he wants to make a bunch of money so he can retire at 44 (very specific age) and watch his kids grow up.

"Honest if nothing else. In related news, Kokrak has GOLF SAUDI on his bag."

Kokrak's latest comments certainly appear to reiterate what he told the media earlier this month. 

"I'm curious to see if the PGA Tour would've ever increased any of that without this competition. It's scary to see how much money is out there, how much money was held back from the players, from the people who are making the money for the tour.

"It's an interesting concept. I'm enjoying the PGA Tour, but if somebody's going to pay me enough to retire in the next four years... it's more money than I could possibly make winning multiple times a year on the PGA Tour and being told what to do.  

"I don't have any intention of signing anything as of right now but cash is king and if somebody pays me enough money that my kids' kids are going to have a good head start on life then I’m going to have to take full advantage.

It is understood, according to PGA Tour pro Kramer Hickok, that at least 17 players have already signed up to join a Saudi Golf League.

Rumours have also circulated this week that Bryson DeChambeau has told fellow professionals that he will no longer be playing any more PGA Tour events, but the 2020 US Open champion has since denied such reports

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