Rory McIlroy has already broken his LIV Golf vow! "Regardless of the LIV thing"

Rory McIlroy has reflected on his PGA Championship performance and offered his take on Brooks Koepka after the American claimed LIV Golf's first major win.

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Tue, 23 May 2023
Rory McIlroy has already broken his LIV Golf vow! "Regardless of the LIV thing"

Rory McIlroy says his game is 'nowhere' near it needs to be as he revealed he is happy for Brooks Koepka 'regardless of the LIV thing'. 

McIlroy, 34, had an extremely up-and-down week at Oak Hill and eventually posted a T-7 finish at the PGA Championship

In the end, he finished seven strokes behind the eventual champion Koepka. 

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Speaking in the immediate aftermath of another major championship disappointment, McIlroy said he would have taken the result at the start of the week. 

"I'll take it, given how I'm feeling,' McIlroy told the media after he warmly congratulated Koepka with a handshake and a hug in Rochester. 

McIlroy will now turn his attention to the U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club. 

He told the Irish Independent's Brian Keogh that his finish was flattering and glossed over some of the cracks in his game, adding:

"You look at a T7, and you’re like, oh, you know, you had a good week. But then, when you dig into it . . . it maybe makes the week look a little better than it was.
"So I know I need to work on things, and I’m nowhere near as close as I want to be in my game and in terms of where I think my abilities are. And it's just a matter of trying to get it right and work harder and just try to be better."

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As for Koepka - who was involved in this 'awkward' moment with the PGA of America boss - McIlroy stated his victory does not give him extra motivation. 

He told the paper:

"I wouldn't say it gives me any extra motivation. I mean, I'm happy for Brooks. Considering what he's been through and the injuries and last year, for him to come back the way he has and obviously compete at Augusta and then come here and play so well, I mean, it's amazing.
"The way he can turn it on in these major championships is very, very impressive. So, I'm really happy for Brooks; he's a good guy. I see him down there (in Jupiter) a lot. Regardless of the LIV thing or anything else, he's a fantastic competitor and an unbelievable golfer."

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