WATCH: Brooks Koepka cracks up at 'classless' move by PGA of America boss

"What do I tell Jay now?!"

WATCH: Brooks Koepka cracks up at 'classless' move by PGA of America boss
WATCH: Brooks Koepka cracks up at 'classless' move by PGA of America boss

PGA of America boss Seth Waugh hit the headlines before the 2023 PGA Championship for his unflinching take on the future of LIV Golf. 

Despite tensions cooling somewhat (we're looking at you, Rory McIlroy) men's professional golf is still at war. 

A U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the the PGA Tour's alleged anticompetitive behaviour looms large. The PGA of America, the governing body that oversees the PGA Championship, is also caught up in that. 

There are also no signs of a settlement in the litigation between the PGA Tour and LIV

Speaking before the PGA Championship, Waugh stated he was proud that 'civility' was brought to the game when LIV Golf players competed against PGA Tour stars at the 87th Masters. 

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That being said, Waugh didn't shy away from stirring the pot before the best in the world took to the monstrous Oak Hill. 

"[The PIF] can fund it for as long as they want to. But no matter how much money you have, at some point burning it doesn't feel very good. I don't see they are accomplishing much." Seth Waugh to The Times of London

WATCH: Brooks Koepka cracks up at 'classless' move by PGA of America boss

Oh, and Waugh is also a board member of the Official World Golf Ranking, which is considering LIV's application for recognition. 

That application was lodged last July and still we are no nearer into having clarity on this topic. 

Waugh said there has been 'a healthy back-and-forth' with LIV executives but this has been disputed

"It has not been acrimonious. There's been collegial back and forth of them making an application as other tours have done. We've responded, they've responded. The ball, from my understanding, is in their court from our last response at this point." - Seth Waugh

Still, we're wondering what Waugh must've been thinking as Brooks Koepka claimed his fifth major and delivered a welcome PR boost to the Saudi-backed league. 

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Waugh posed alongside Koepka and the Wanamaker in the immediate aftermath of the 33-year-old's stunning victory. 

He appeared to be involved in an awkward moment that was captured and re-shared by @golfproryan. 

See here:

Golf fans were debating what exactly was said between the two. 

Some of the best comments included: 

"His money is on the 4 Aces to repeat."
"What do I tell Jay now?"
"Probably said I guess you taking a pay cut this week."
"Thanks, you made my job a lot harder now..."
"Get me a gig at LIV mate"
"I'm classless and can't shake your hand."
"He said, I'm actually a fan but don't tell Jay"
"Looked like a what the hell moment for Brooks."

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