Rory McIlroy reveals 'rude' PGA Tour pro he 'despised' more than Patrick Reed

PGA Tour star and four-time major champion Rory McIlroy has revealed why he despised American Billy Horschel during the early days of his career.

Rory McIlroy reveals 'rude' PGA Tour pro he 'despised' more than Patrick Reed
Rory McIlroy reveals 'rude' PGA Tour pro he 'despised' more than Patrick…

Before we begin we should probably start with a disclaimer: Rory McIlroy does not hate Billy Horschel. 

The four-time major champion used to. And he couldn't stand playing against him as a junior golfer. 

It appears the American got McIlroy's wrong side in exchanges on the golf course during their Walker Cup days. 

McIlroy recently hopped on Golf's Subpar podcast where he explained exactly what his issue with Horschel was. 

Asked who he would like to punch more out of his match play enemies Horschel and Patrick Reed, McIlroy stated: 

"Billy Horschel, and that's saying something. And that's saying something." 

McIlroy spoke of the 2007 Walker Cup when Great Britain and Ireland squared off against the United States at Royal County Down. 

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The U.S. side pipped GB&I by one point and McIlroy played against Horschel in three out of his four matches. 

On a previous episode of the podcast Horschel explained there was one moment where he knew unequivocally he ticked off McIlroy. 

Walking after a long putt, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, 'Go in! Go in!'

"And it lips out," Horschel said. "I guess McIlroy was p***** about that," he added. 

Reminiscing about their exchanges as teenagers, McIlroy explained:

"Ohh, I absolutely despised him. We've actually become really close since, which is great. Billy in that '07 — we were all probably obnoxious at the time, but because I was at home as well and he was like pretty rude to the crowd at times too and they are my people. It was like, 'I'm going to beat his ass.' But we actually have forged a really good friendship since. Billy's a good dude. I like him a lot." 

McIlroy is right to say that he has forged a good relationship with Horschel judging by this exchange.

The two were filmed talking shop about golf swings on the fairways of The K Club before the Irish Open:

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