Rory McIlroy takes time off from LIV Golf drama to vent (?) about golf equipment

Rory McIlroy has taken time off voicing his displeasure about LIV Golf to express his wishes about what *should* happen with golf equipment. 

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Fri, 14 Jul 2023
Rory McIlroy takes time off from LIV Golf drama to vent (?) about golf equipment

Rory McIlroy took time off from voicing his displeasure about LIV Golf to cheekily suggest all golf equipment should be rolled back. 

McIlroy, 34, who placed himself in prime position to make a run at winning the Scottish Open, was filmed hitting some persimmon woods before teeing it up at The Renaissance Club this week. 

And he was absolutely striping them, but that's no surprise given his obvious talent. 

Watch here:

After his second round where he cultivated a one-stroke lead, McIlroy said his 'mind is pretty much on this week' in a clear nod to what is transpiring in the world of men's professional golf. 

"I'd love to win the Scottish Open," he told the media. "This event is a massive deal in its own right. And what that could give me for the rest of the summer is important.

"Yes, we've got the Open Championship next week. But there is also the FedEx Cup and the Race to Dubai, too. So this is a big week. I'm focused on here, but in doing so I'm getting ready for more links golf next week." 


McIlroy said he thought of this week as a 'bit of a re-set'. He claimed he didn't touch his club for 10 days after competing in the Travelers Championship. 

Asked about hitting the persimmon clubs, McIlroy joked:

"Roll back the clubs. Roll back the ball. Roll back everything. I see John Huggan [reporter] nodding his head in agreement. I must say swinging a persimmon wood means you can't swing as hard as you would with a [modern large clubhead].
"You need to hit it out of the middle of the club face. And a persimmon wood looks about as big as a golf ball. It's cool. It's a throwback. And that's why we have a few different tee boxes.
"We can always move forward and play some old equipment. Every now and then it's fun to do it." 

Whilst McIlroy is clearly not serious about rolling back all equipment, he has in the past been one of the biggest supporters of bifurcating golf's rules. 

When the USGA and R&A announced plans to limit how far the golf ball can fly from 2026, McIlroy contrasted from his peers by backing the two governing bodies

Others, such as Justin Thomas, were strongly against the idea.

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