Scottie Scheffler on PGA Tour: "We don't have a great idea what's going on"

Scottie Scheffler admits he hasn't got a clue what's going on at the PGA Tour right now.

Scottie Scheffler on PGA Tour plan: "We don't have a great idea what's going on"
Scottie Scheffler on PGA Tour plan: "We don't have a great idea what's…

World No.1 Scottie Scheffler admits he still has not got a clue what direction the PGA Tour is moving in after attending the latest players meeting with commissioner Jay Monahan on Tuesday night. 

Scheffler, speaking ahead of this week's first leg of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in Memphis, explained he is pleased to see Monahan back in his position after some time out to focus on his health, but that he is still none the wiser as to what is happening ahead of a potential shock merger with Saudi PIF.

... and don't even get him started on the PGA Tour's 'framework agreement'.

Scottie Scheffler on PGA Tour:

Rickie Fowler confirmed there were a number of no-shows at the players meeting on Tuesday night.

AP's Doug Ferguson then revealed there were exactly 25 players in attendance.

A pretty poor turn-out given there are still 70 PGA Tour players in this week's field. 

Rory McIlroy turned up a few minutes before the end of the meeting and 'drenched in sweat' following a heavy session in the gym.

Patrick Cantlay did not even show up!

Both he and McIlroy are the only two players on the PGA Tour policy board competing in the 70-man FedEx St Jude Championship.

Tiger Woods joined the board last week, which now gives player power to all future PGA Tour decisions, including the merger with Saudi PIF. 

But back to Scheffler and he admits he hasn't a clue what's really going on behind closed doors at the PGA Tour right now. 

Scheffler told reporters today: 

"I went to the player meeting yesterday, and I realized I hadn't seen Jay in quite a bit of time. Yeah, it's definitely good to have him back. I think the Tour has got a long way to go.
"But it's always nice having Jay back in person. Guys when they want to can have face-to-face time with him. He's always available, and he's doing the best that he can to make sure that he's getting as much player input as possible."

On Monahan returning to work, Scheffler said: 

"I don't think anybody knows what he's been dealing with at home. As in person, we're just glad to see him back out here doing what he loves to do, and hopefully he'll be doing that for a long time."

Scheffler was then asked to elaborate on the PGA Tour still having "a long way to go..."

The 2022 Masters champion replied:

"Yeah, you have the framework agreement, which nobody is entirely sure what that means, and then you've got whatever they're working towards. The position where I'm sitting now, it just seems like they've got a long way to go in that sense to where there's still not really much to say. We still don't really have a great idea as to what is going on right now."

Scheffler confirmed to reporters on Wednesday that he will be using a new TaylorMade Spider putter at this week's Playoffs opener at TPC Southwind.


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