Shocking Lucas Glover clip emerges after latest PGA Tour win: "Can't be real?!"

Footage has emerged of the shocking yips Lucas Glover endured after the American staked his Ryder Cup claim with back-to-back PGA Tour victories.

Shocking Lucas Glover clip emerges after latest PGA Tour win:

Lucas Glover has now caused a headache for United States Ryder Cup skipper Zach Johnson after winning back-to-back PGA Tour events. 

Glover, 43, triumphed at the Wyndham Championship two weeks ago and defeated Patrick Cantlay over extra holes in the first leg of the 2023 FedEx Cup playoffs at the FedEx St. Jude Championship last week. 

Other than embracing his wife Krista Glover in the immediate aftermath of a stunning victory - his fourth in 19 years - the American made it clear he has now set his sights on making sure he will make his debut in the dust-up at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. 

Just look at how he spoke to this reporter about the prospect of featuring in September. 

Gloveless Glover's victory was thanks to just how incredible he was on the greens with his L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max

In the final round, he went 8/9 in scrambling, averaged 1.78 putts per GIR and picked up 2.83 strokes in the SG: Putting department. 

Translation? The man has some cojones. 

Side note: Our Alex Lodge recently tested the L.A.B Golf Link.1. 

The verdict? It's weird, but we love it. 


As for Glover, it's hard to believe that this clip from 2016 is the same player. 

Just look at this nightmare fuel:

Glover later revealed that he worked with a Navy SEAL to overcome his yips. 

"It was full on no control over my facilities," Glover told Golf Chanel about working with Jason Kuhn. "I was convinced I could beat it and out-practice it. It was just the way I'm wired. Turns out that wasn't the case."

Kuhn and Glover worked on a 12-step process to rid him of the yips. 

The ex-SEAL told the golfer the yips was not something that can be willed away with practice.

Glover added: "It's more of a scientific understanding of what was happening. It's more of a central nervous system issue than a brain thing. I'd never had it explained to me scientifically.

"What I took the most from it was he said, 'Dude, you're not mentally weak. Just the opposite, but being able to compete with this at that level tells me you're as strong as anyone I've ever met.'"

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