Social media reacts to Bryson DeChambeau putting in front of an UMBRELLA!

DeChambeau is spotted putting towards an umbrella ahead of this week's Tournament of Champions on the PGA Tour...

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Tue, 5 Jan 2021
Social media reacts to Bryson DeChambeau putting in front of an UMBRELLA!

It might be a New Year but Bryson DeChambeau is already up to his old tricks five days into 2021 judging by his practice session ahead of this week's Tournament of Champions in Hawaii on the PGA Tour. 

DeChambeau was spotted putting balls on the practice green at Kapalua towards an umbrella being moved by a member of his team. While we can't be certain as to the exact reason, strong evidence suggests he was looking to putt while "blocking the wind to see the impact." Watch the video below to make your own mind up:



Social media has been having a field day ever since witnessing the moment unfold on Golf Channel ahead of the lid lifter to 2021. Here's a look at some of the best tweets: 

"Bryson... the gift that just keeps on giving!"

"Wouldn't running with an umbrella create back draft? I love Bryson."

"Is there anything this guy won't think of doing?!"



"Wow, that's pretty bad. At some point you're overthinking it."

"It's called drafting in NASCAR I think..."

"Is this like curling with an umbrella?"

"Having his umbrella guy drag the spokes across the green is just another reason to dislike this guy..."

"Testing the suns radioactive rays (versus no radioactive rays) impact on the speed of a five foot putt!"


"Oh my god! Give me a damn break with this s*** man!"

"What a special breed!"

"Looks like a branding exercise to me!"

"It's got to be because of all the paparazzi in Maui."

"Unbelievable and perfectly believable all at the same time!"

"The Einstein of the golf world!"

"This is why they call him the Mad Scientist."

"I don't know why I love him but I just do!"

"Only in Bryson Land."

"Fans love a circus act. I might drop another hundred on the dude after seeing this nonsense!"