STROP ALERT! Tyrrell Hatton loses his s--- then makes outrageous birdie

England's Tyrrell Hatton lost his cool with a poor approach during the PGA Tour's BMW Championship but then immediately sank the putt for a birdie.

STROP ALERT! Tyrrell Hatton loses his s--- then makes outrageous birdie
STROP ALERT! Tyrrell Hatton loses his s--- then makes outrageous birdie

One could tentatively suggest England's Tyrrell Hatton wasn't happy with this shot during the third round of the BMW Championship

This moment arrived on No. 11 at Olympia fields and the Englishman was playing his second shot from 108 yards after finding the middle of the fairway with his tee shot. 

We all know that typically this yardage is right in Hatton's wheelhouse. But he absolutely hated it. And didn't he just show it. 

No sooner had he struck the approach did he know it was bad. We say bad, it still landed 25ft from the hole. 

But this is the FedEx Cup playoffs and there is mega money on the line. And Hatton is a player that has extremely high standards. 


What was all the more hilarious is that Hatton actually went on to drain the putt for a birdie to move back to 2-under through 11 holes. 

Only 50 players are in the field this week in Chicago. The field will be nixed once again down to 30 for the season-ending Tour Championship at East Lake. 

Hatton came into the BMW Championship ranked 26th in the FedEx Cup standings and therefore that is why he needed to make some birdies on moving day in Chicago. Every shot is so, so crucial. 

Watch the moment here:

"People are very quick to judge"

Hatton recently opened up on his demeanour in an interview with talkSPORT

He was asked if he was more level-headed than pundits give him credit for. 

Hatton told the radio station:

"People are very quick to judge in any scenario nowadays.
"Sure, I'll be pretty quick to lose my head at times. But over the next shot, I know exactly what I want to do.
"People see that as me not concentrating, or whatever else. But I'm fully focussed on what I'm trying to achieve – even if I can be a little bit hot under the collar."

Asked if he was prepared to change his ways, Hatton explained:

"We're all human. We have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks.
"One day you'll be the calmest person on the planet but you get out on the wrong side of the bed and you get a bit more frustrated than normal.
"But I don't think I need to be any different. As long as I'm fully focussed on what I'm trying to do for the next shot, then I don't feel like I need to change in any way." 

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