Tiger and Scottie's latest conflab might just rival their famous 'no divot' chat

Tiger Woods teamed up with Scottie Scheffler once again in a TaylorMade clip to discuss in detail their approach to greenside bunkers.

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Thu, 29 Jun 2023
Tiger and Scottie's latest conflab might just rival their famous 'no divot' chat

Not too many moons ago Tiger Woods left golf fans giggling with his nonchalant response to Scottie Scheffler when he was quizzed about his lack of taking divots. 

The TaylorMade video was filmed months before Woods' latest ankle surgery and Scheffler posed the question to Woods: 'What's up with the no divots?"

In the short clip, the camera then panned over to a patch of grass where Woods was hitting from and it looked nearly untouched. 

For most golfers, taking divots is standard. But if you're a PGA Tour pro and Masters champion like Scheffler, then you can typically expect to see some shallow divots the size of a dollar bill. 

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"Why do you need to take a divot?" Woods said. "I don't know, I'm asking you," Scheffler said. 

Woods said: "If I'm swinging it well, I don't take divots." 

The 15-time major champ was pressed for more info but Woods refused to go into finer detail. 

Instead, he offered: "When I'm flushing it, I don't take divots. It just is what it is." 

It really was a priceless moment as Scheffler was absolutely perplexed. 

Remind yourself of the clip here:

And now the duo are back with another priceless conversation. This time the pair were talking about bunker play. 

Woods asked Scheffler which club he typically uses from the sand. For 27-year-old Scheffler, he prefers his 60-degree wedge. Woods opts for his 56-degree.

He said:

"I grew up without a 60-degree, so I'm just used to having that [club] face open on my 56 all the time. I found that, when the sand gets heavier, then my 60 doesn't work. It just goes too deep [into the sand]."

Woods demonstrated his bunker set-up, moving his right foot back. 

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He explained:

"I really do like dropping my right leg back to feel the hook in it. I turn through, always. I never used to, but now that my back is fused, it just goes. I can't stop it. 
"On a [bunker shot] like this, I get really wide in my stance, with my hands back."

Scheffler hit a bunker shot with Woods' instruction. 

It impressed Woods. "You made that look easy," he said. "That's why he is the Masters champion." 

How many times have you won the Masters, Scheffler asked. Stifling a laugh, Woods said: "A couple."

"Just the one jacket, though," said Scheffler. "You only get one jacket," Woods said with a chuckle. 

Can we just get these two a TV show already?

Watch the clip here:

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