Tiger Woods' daily practice schedule is ridiculous and PROVES how hard he works

There is a reason why he has been so dominant...

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Tue, 4 Jan 2022
Tiger Woods' daily practice schedule is ridiculous and PROVES how hard he works

Tiger Woods is made of something different. 

For decades (yes, decades now) we have all heard stories from Tiger's inner circles of just how hard he has worked to hone his craft. 

Butch Harmon, his former coach, previously spoke of how the only person who came to working as hard as Woods was Greg Norman. 

The Great White Shark won 20 times on the PGA Tour compared to Woods' 82 wins, and won two Open Championships. 

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By contrast, Woods has won 15 majors including three Open Championship victories. 

Woods recently spoke of how after he managed to get out of his hospital bed after three weeks there have been "no days off". 

He has been grinding every day working to get back to where he was before he crashed his car in February 2021. 

We are not sure if Woods follows this regiment to this day, but we wouldn't be surprised if he did. 

Let's take a look at his schedule: 

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It has previously been reported that when Woods plays a tournament he gets up and stretches at around 4am before hitting the gym. 

Some fans saw the funny side of his daily schedule, suggesting they've got the "dinner and rest" part sorted. 

His daily workout just goes to show you what is required if you want to be the best in your chosen sport. 

Woods is unlikely to play on the PGA Tour for a while, though he is looking at playing the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews. 

The Masters in April may come too soon for Woods, who turned 46 years old last December. 

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