Tiger Woods lands his golf ball in a TRASH CAN, but what's the ruling?

An old video of Tiger Woods landing his golf ball in a trash can during a PGA Tour event has been used on a popular golf rules page.

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Wed, 5 May 2021
Tiger Woods lands his golf ball in a TRASH CAN, but what's the ruling?

Videos of Tiger Woods doing just about anything tend to viral and when his golf ball landed in a trash can during the Genesis Invitational last year, it became the most watched clip of the tournament.

The video is of course old news, but it resurfaced recently when it was used on the popular Instagram page Golf Rules Questions, where golf coach and rules expert Blake helps golfers understand the complex rules of the game.

"The player’s ball has come to rest inside a rubbish bag. How would they proceed?" posed the most recent question on his page, which boasts over 82,000 followers.


So what is the ruling in this rather unique scenario? Here's the answer...

"As it was known that the player’s ball was inside the rubbish bag, the player did a quick search and found their ball. Now, they place a mark directly below where the ball was at rest (this is the reference point), and then determine their relief area in which to drop, by using a club-length from this reference point. They move the rubbish bag out of the way, drop their a ball, and play on. No penalty. Rule 15.2."

Although Woods made the cut at the 2020 Genesis Invitational at Riviera, he went on to shoot a 6-over par final round and finish in last place, in what proved a difficult spell for the 15-time major champion on the PGA Tour.

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