Korn Ferry Tour player RIVALS Bryson DeChambeau's driving distance

John Somers has not made regular appearances on the Korn Ferry Tour, but his statistics suggest that he could be one of the biggest hitters around. 

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Wed, 5 May 2021
Korn Ferry Tour player RIVALS Bryson DeChambeau's driving distance

Bryson DeChambeau has made incredible gains and improvements in both his driving distance and overall game, and he has inspired many golfers around the world to follow suit. 

"Monday Q Info", which is a Twitter account that posts about players who play to qualify for PGA Tour events each week, tweeted pictures of John Somers' Trackman yardages which he recorded during practice.

Quite staggeringly, his statistics showed that he carried his pitching wedge over 170 yards and went a distance of 180.2 yards. He also carried his six-iron over 220 yards and went a distance of 230.6 yards.



These incredible numbers are unheard of on any tour in the world and it would appear that Somers has the power to hit the ball further than any player on the PGA Tour.

Somers, who turned professional in 2014, has not played enough events on the Korn Ferry Tour to rank in official statistics, but so far this season he has averaged 331.5 yards, which would put him clear at the top of driving distances on the tour.

On Monday before the Valspar Championship got underway, he was in a position to qualify but unfortunately, he did not manage it.

DeChambeau leads the way in driving distance on tour, averaging 321.1 yards per drive. So if Somers was to make it on the PGA Tour, the man from North Carolina would have a great chance of officially being the biggest hitter on tour. 

If Somers had qualified, it would have been great to see how far the 29-year-old could hit the ball off the tee in comparison to the biggest hitters on the PGA Tour.