Tiger Woods set to open incredible Popstroke venue in Florida

Tiger Woods shared a sneak peek of the two 18-hole mini-golf courses he has designed in Sarasota, Florida on Wednesday and they are amazing...

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Thu, 21 Apr 2022
Tiger Woods set to open incredible Popstroke venue in Florida

Take a minute to think of the best mini-golf course you have ever played. Found it? Well, forget it because this Tiger Woods creation is off the scale.

On Wednesday, Woods revealed a sneak peek of the Popstroke mini-golf complex based in Sarasota, Florida which is set to open on April 28.

In conjunction with TGR Design, the Tiger Red Course supposedly "challenges even the most experienced putters with strong contouring and tricky hole locations."

The Tiger Black Course reportedly has "softened contours to create an ideal course for families and anyone new to golf." Popstroke has truly revolutionised the concept of mini-golf.

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The complex at Sarasota will include a restaurant, bar, playground and many more entertainment features. The brand is a product of TGR Ventures and Greg Bartoli and they are set to open locations in Orlando, Houston and Tampa later in 2022.

Popstroke also exists in Port St. Lucie and Fort Myers, Florida as well. The Fort Myers venue has 36 holes and a renovation is planned for Port St. Lucie.

The 46-year-old has always shown a strong passion for creating short courses with his projects at The Hay at Pebble Beach and the Oasis Short Course at Diamante in Mexico.

Woods rocked the golf world when he returned to the PGA Tour for the first time since 2020 at The Masters. He defied the odds to make the cut and finish in 47th place.

The 15-time major champion confirmed after the final round at Augusta National that he will play at The Open Championship at St. Andrews in July.



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