The Top 10 one-putters on the PGA Tour

We take a look at the ten golfers on the PGA Tour with the highest one-putt percentage this season.

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Tue, 12 May 2020
The Top 10 one-putters on the PGA Tour

Great putters win tournaments, it's as simple as that. You might be able to smash your drives down the middle of the fairway, but what are you like once you get on the green?

For amateur golfers, the aim is to two-putt every hole and avoid those nasty three-putts and sometimes the dreaded four-putt.

Planting your ball on the dance floor and sinking the first putt is a fantastic feeling, but on the PGA Tour there are some golfers who have a knack for doing it pretty regularly.

So in this article we are going to look at the ten players who have the ighest one-putt percentage on the PGA Tour so far this season, starting with the 10th and making our way down to No.1.

10th - Rafael Campos

One-putt percentage: 43.49%

No. of one-putts: 227

No. of holes: 522

9th - Zac Blair

One-putt percentage: 43.53%

No. of one-putts: 376

No. of holes: 864

8th - Rickie Fowler

One-putt percentage: 43.61%

No. of one-putts: 157

No. of holes: 360

7th - Webb Simpson

One-putt percentage: 43.89%

No. of one-putts: 158

No. of holes: 360

T5 - Dominic Bozzelli

One-putt percentage: 43.92%

No. of one-putts: 253

No. of holes: 576

T5 - Kevin Na

One-putt percentage: 43.92%

No. of one-putts: 332

No. of holes: 756

4th - Brendon Todd

One-putt percentage: 44.44%

No. of one-putts: 384

No. of holes: 864

3rd - Ricky Barnes

One-putt percentage: 44.84%

No. of one-putts: 226

No. of holes: 504

2nd - Patrick Reed

One-putt percentage: 46.11%

No. of one-putts: 249

No. of holes: 540

1st - Peter Malnati

One-putt percentage: 46.44%

No. of one-putts: 326

No. of holes: 702

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