Uber driver reveals hilarious Tiger Woods tale: "Keep this between us..."

Uber driver from Orlando picks up Tiger Woods, and his story is brilliant...

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Fri, 10 Feb 2023
Uber driver reveals hilarious Tiger Woods tale: "Keep this between us..."

You might be thinking Tiger Woods gets driven around by a private chauffeur wherever he goes these days, but last month when he was in Orlando he reportedly jumped in an Uber. 

According to the hilarious tale, which you can read in full below, Woods likes Uber to save him faffing around with arranging a car service.

He's also known on the taxi app as 'T'. 

The exchange between Woods and the Uber driver, as told by The Par Train on Instagram, is brilliant. 

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The Par Train reveals what happened: 

I'm in an Uber in Orlando and my driver just told me he picked up Tiger a few weeks ago. 
'He takes Ubers?' I asked. 
Yep and he isn't 'Tiger' in the Uber app. He's just 'T'.
Apparently Tiger likes Uber so he doesn't have to be bothered with arranging a car service. 
'Did he talk?' I asked. 
'Oh yeah', my driver said. 
Tiger was on the phone when he got in the car but when he hung up he looks at the driver and said 'Okay I'm sure you have a ton of questions. Go ahead...'
They talked the whole ride. 
The driver asked what it's like being Tiger Woods. 
He talked about the pressure, living up to his younger self. He talked the most about Charlie and his love for the game being strong as ever. 
Tiger then joked with the driver about the rumour of his 'bad tipping'. 
He then proceeded to place a $100 bill on the driver's shoulder. 
'Keep this between us so we can keep that rumour going (smiles).'
Tiger Woods. Solid tipper, loves golf as much as ever, just a proud dad and takes Ubers (thank God). 
One of us.

We love a good Tiger story. Let's hope it's true!

Woods is rumoured to be trying his best to make his return to PGA Tour action at the Genesis Invitational next week. 

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