Tour B330-RX

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 8 Jul 2013

Tour B330-RX

Need To Know

Superb feeling golf ball; Soft gradational compression core aids above average drives;
High launching; Dual Dimple pattern takes some getting used to
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PRICE: £35.00 YEAR: from 2013

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX is optimised for amateur swing speeds less than 105 mph with a bias on maximising Tour distance.

The 330 Dual-Dimple design is intended to reduce drag during launch and enhance lift late in flight for more carry. The urethane cover is thinner for better feel and the mantle is softer to control spin on drives.

At address, the Dual-Dimple pattern surfacing becomes very noticeable. It's a little different and a little off-putting but you'll quickly get over it. The printing and paint of this classy Bridgestone ball looks top-notch, as expected for a 3-piece Tour-grade ball.

RX generates great feel at impact. It's surprisingly soft with the wedges and travels consistently well through the air. When hitting the RX out the centre with a wedge, there's a pleasant 'click' at impact.

The soft gradational compression core of the RX aids above-average drives, and most importantly straight ones. The Dual Dimple design contributes to high launch but I quite like that. When the ball lands with the driver, it runs out some 25 yards on average. Wedge spin is at the lower end of the spectrum.


Great feeling ball that scampers when it hits the deck with the big dog. A nice combination to have. It's also a very accurate ball that will work well for the low or mid-capper.

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